I’ll have the poached eggs and toast, please!

Last week I stopped at the Salvation Army thrift on the way home from work and found a really old graniteware pan for poaching eggs. Older than me, even. How could I resist? (That was a rhetorical question. No advice needed, thank you very much!)

graniteware poached egg pan

Poor pan is showing it’s age. I probably fell for it because it has a bright red edge.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to use it. Of course, there’s no excuse for cluelessness when you can find bajillions of explanations on the interwebs in a tenth of a nanosecond. It’s about as hard as boiling water. Game on!

Click here for breakfast!

New life for a Moody Person’s vintage t-shirts

Does someone in YOUR house buy t-shirts with logos? Here at This Old Row House, ManRay had a drawer full of vintage tees he’s been collecting for decades. Here’s proof:

1993 harley museum tour shirt

Good heavens! This was jammed in the drawer since 1993! A few of them were even older.

These vintage gems of memories were hogging up too much space. So one day I secretly cleaned them out, ran them through the washer, and got them out of the house.

No, I didn’t take them to the thrift store! I sent them off to be made into a quilt. Click here!

Whoop! It’s our (belated) blog birthday!

Our one year blog birthday just sort of sneaked by us last week while we were at The Vintage Bazaar. Late or not, we must have a cake! And a candle! And jadeite! And a “new” tablecloth!

jadeite cake stand and cake vintage tablecloth

It’s a tiny birthday, so we’ve got a tiny cake with one bitty candle. And yes, that IS a drip of jadeite paint on my kitchen wall. You would never have seen it if I hadn’t pointed it out. Darn!

We’re not getting fancy. This cake is posing on my kitchen table. I bought the tablecloth at The Vintage Bazaar from Nancy The Linens Lady. (Basically, I want to buy her entire booth.)

Yep, there’s more! Click here!

What it’s like to be the vendor

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a vendor? For starters, we get a lot less sleep than you do leading up to The Vintage Bazaar.

dish sisters sign

Our sign before it’s loaded on the truck. Yes, this photo is dark and grainy. It was dark outside!

Set up starts on Thursday. That gives us two days to get everything in place. This year we needed every minute because our new canopy was less than easy to assemble. We discovered colorful vocabulary. ‘Nuff said!

Yes, there’s LOTS more when you click here!

Thanks for a fantastic weekend at The Vintage Bazaar!

Flowers at Pettengill Farm

Love this great mix of bright fall colors!

Wow, did we ever have a BUSY weekend at The Vintage Bazaar! So here’s a big THANK YOU to all our fantastic customers who come back time and time again. You’re the BEST! We get a kick out of hearing how much you love our booth–it keeps us motivated to find fun, colorful treasures that you’ll love to take home.

For the first time ever we didn’t even have time to walk around and take photos–a very good problem! Thanks to Hannah for taking snaps of our Dish Sister’s booth:

The BIg Green Dresser

The Big Green Dresser finally sold! YAY!

Yes, there’s more! Click here!


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