Unfinished? Unsuccessful? Unglamourous? You betcha!

Do you ever get tired of perfect Pinterest homescapes? Bloggers that have it all together? Well now’s your day to feel relieved, normal and possibly even superior. Yes, my house is a creative disaster area right now. The December Sage show is rushing up FAST and I’ve got everything started, nothing finished. My dining room table looks like this:

How many things can I start and not finish? It's infinite!

How many things can I start and not finish? It’s infinite!

The kitchen counter looks like this:

Click here for the horror!

I fell for Tiki with a full metal zipper

Would you take this fabulous Tiki fabric to the thrift store?

tiki fabric

Tiki with fake batik print. It sure caught my eye!

I’m glad someone did–because now it’s MINE. (Okay, it will eventually end up at The Vintage Bazaar so YOU can adopt it.)

Yes, there’s more!

Would you believe I found even MORE tiny vintage table toppers?

I never expect to find vintage tablecloths when I’m thrift shopping, but the past few months have been exceptionally surprising. Would you like to see my newest tiny table toppers?

First up, a bright sailcloth piece with Wilendur-style pattern blocks. (It doesn’t have a pink stain. I took a crummy photo. No one will pin it on Pinterest now.)

vintage tablecloth

It’s 30″ long and was cut from yardage 36″ wide. Two edges are hemmed, the other two are selvages.

Click here to see the rest!

Happy birthday, USMC!


This 1944 deodorant advertisement features guys in sharp uniforms and girls with wonderful hairdos. Also, a giant plate of donuts and printed aprons! Yes, Janet, you ARE simply super.

The United States Marine Corps is 239 years old today. Hooray!

They got their start on November 10, 1775 in Philadelphia as the Continental Marines. Sharpshooters from General Washington’s army who knew their way around boats were organized into two platoons. Their job was to do stuff like climb high into the swaying rigging of tall-masted American ships serving as our naval forces–we didn’t have an official navy yet—to fire at enemy officers.

Imagine yourself 100 feet over the deck of a madly tossing vessel, hanging on to the rigging while aiming a muzzle-loading weapon at a small target far away on the deck of a different madly tossing vessel.

Yes, the Marines have always done crazy manly stuff.

Here’s to the Leathernecks!

And here’s to all the nice-smelling ladies—especially the 1940s ones—who’ve landed their Marines!



How far would you go to salvage vintage linoleum?

Would you go five miles? Fifty? How about all of 10,000 miles?

Honestly, I wouldn’t go THAT far, so I had it sent to me instead. I bought a piece of art made from recycled linoleum and other vintage goodies from BettyJo Designs in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s a peek:

vintage linoleum and buttons

Bits of speckled and solid linoleum and stacks of vintage buttons

Click here to see the rest!


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