What Luray is doing this week

This week I’m painting a fabulous spindle-leg table in a fabulous deep orange.


This week I discovered a complete set of primary-colored Pyrex mixing bowls I didn’t know I had! Junk shopping on my own stash! Whee!


This week I scored a stack of nice clean antique roof slates. Cheese boards? Mini chalk boards?

This week I found a cool table with a wire rack underneath for your collection of Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee records.

This week I’m ironing my favorite apron, the one with cabbage roses and organdy, to wear for the weekend!


This week I’m packing up a couple mink hats for Dolly the mannequin to model.

This week I’m praying for fantastic weather!

2 Comments on “What Luray is doing this week”

  1. Jess says:

    Love the vintage Pyrex!