Month of Makeovers

makeover Collage

Welcome to our very first Month of Madness…er…Makeovers! For the entire 31 days of October 2013 we’re joining the fun with hundreds of other bloggers at the big link party hosted by The Nester.

It’s junk transformation time! How could we pass up the ultimate opportunity to start–and finish!–all those projects we thought we might complete someday? Someday is NOW. We’ve got all sorts of interesting vintage things stashed away that need just a little magic to become extra special–or just plain useable. We might even have a decorating project or two up our sleeves. We hope you’ll stick around to see what we’ve got in store. Links to all the month’s posts will be listed below.

Day 1: Mirror makeover makeover
Day 2: Start with a clean slate
Day 3: The sum is greater than the parts
Day 4: And there was light! Um, sorta.
Day 5: When life gives you placemats
Day 6: Vera meets shady hardware
Day 7: Curvy, chrome-y, Cosco love!
Day 8: Hey, hey, it’s a monkey!
Day 9: Fear of fabric and other lies I tell myself
Day 10: It’s our Thursday Hack Flashback!
Day 11: Five ways to use Very Large Clear Glass Beads
Day 12: The rust of the story
Day 13: A record breaking experiment
Day 14: It’s happy hour!
Day 15: Painted furniture FAIL
Day 16: Veggie makeovers
Day 17: Thursday Hack Flashback with Crullers
Day 18: On Halloween Pins & Needles
Day 19: Furniture FAIL redemption, maybe
Day 21: A purse goes wild and woolly
Day 20-1/2: I’ve got mail!
Day 23: From trashy hardware to flashy centerpiece
Day 24: Thursday Hack Flashback: Old Joe Crow perches on my porch
Day 25: I get by with a little help
Day 26: The lingerie model gets a makeover
Day 27: A craftsman remakes a worn out jacket
Day 29: iPad goes primitive
Day 30: Lucky charms

5 Comments on “Month of Makeovers”

  1. Oooh, I can’t wait to see what DIY projects you have…

  2. Cynthia Shigo says:

    This was so much fun, to see what you have both been up to all month. Elisabeth certainly gets her gift for making something out of nothing from the two of you. And from your Dad and Grandpap, of course!

    • janeray says:

      Thanks, Cynthia! It was fun and crazy, especially with moving Mom from house to house at the end. I’d love to see what Elisabeth is doing!

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