Month of Makovers Day 11: Five ways to use Very Large Clear Glass Beads

Ah! The possibilities! When we cleaned out my father’s workshop we found a box full of


You can see the ARE big–well over an inch in diameter. Somebody in the 1960s thought they would look good strung on a rootbeer-colored bead curtain.


See what I did with them!

Once upon a time they might have been lamp parts. They probably could be again if I were as enthusiastic about making lamps as my father was. I’m not!


I’ve got other ideas. Here are the first five:

Christmas ornaments. These are fast and easy to make with knotted 1-1/2″-wide grosgrain ribbon and dimestore hangers. I could make a couple dozen in no time.


Napkin rings. (Stole this idea from my sister-in-law!)


These are made with the same grosgrain ribbon used for the ornaments. I ran a line of hot glue on the cut edges to join them, then pulled the cooled seams into the beads to hide them.


Tassels!  Instead of the usual finish of winding cord around the top of the tassel to secure it, it’s pulled into the bead.


I used a scrap of heavy cardboard and Aunt Lydia’s Size 3 Crochet Thread.


I made the hanging loop a bit heavier by twisting the thread tightly, folding it in half, then letting it go to twist back on itself. I tied this new cord to the middle of the tassel loops leaving one end very short. This way the knot will be hidden inside the tassel when it’s folded over and drawn into the bead. A blob of clear glue would keep the bead tight.


Idea four? A statement bead on a necklace. I made a four-strand braid of suede lacing. (These beads are too large for a bracelet.) Oops! You can see I need to add a clasp. I’ll have to order Kumihimo end caps off the internet. Nothing I found locally was large enough to finish an 8mm braid.


Easiest of all, borrow a look from the Boy Scouts by sliding a bead onto a silk scarf. I wore it all day and it looked great!


I already have five more ideas lined up. How about you? What would you do with a box of Very Large Clear Glass Beads?

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