Yep, we got over to the beach yesterday for the Serro Scotty Camper Enthusiasts Hoot & Howl Camp-out open house. It was a beautiful, sunny, breezy, fall day—perfect for camping! The Salisbury State Reservation campground was packed was amazing little campers plus a couple vintage cars and trucks, and we saw quite a few nosy people (besides us!) looking at everything. Thank you, Scotty owners,  for letting us traipse through, take a million photos, eat your Halloween candy, and listen as we oohed and aahed over your tiny homes.

Here are just a few of them!


Everybody invited us to step right up in




(after we’d admired the coolers and camp stoves, of course)

And check out the insides.


Turns out Scotty enthusiasts love some of the same things we do!


People who love vintage suitcases, Melmac dishes, printed tablecloths, red plastic clocks, little pink stoves, flowered aprons, chippy-edge mirrors, aluminum canisters, chenille bedspreads? You are totally our kind of people.

And the campers? WE WANT ONE. Preferably red, but we’d settle for green. Or yellow. Or turquoise. Or baby blue. . . .

Santa, are you listening?


6 Comments on “It’s official: WE WANT A SCOTTY CAMPER!”

  1. Jane Thibeault says:

    OMG…..I love everything you do….OK, somehow I think you missed our Scotty because I would surely remember your outfit! 🙂
    We will all be back there in the Spring…May 16-18, so hope you visit again.
    Jane in NH

  2. luray says:

    Jane, we didn’t get there till 3 o’clock, so I’m sure we missed some campers. Darn! We’ll catch you in the spring! And that’s my vintage-loving daughter in the amazing outfit. Believe it or not, those were MY clothes from the 70s. She rocks them in a way I never did! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Jane Thibeault says:

      Well the outfit was outstanding for sure. Wish we had all saved them from the 70’s.
      Just heard of a lead on a Scotty in northern Mass. Can you send me an email?

  3. rubyfoot says:

    I love these vans and the accoutrements too

  4. Vaughn Martinian says:

    Thanks for visiting us. Really enjoyed chatting with you. We had the little Red ’55 Aljoa in the top photo. Hope you have one when we return for the Spring Fling!

    • luray says:

      Yours was the cutest one, Vaughn! (Don’t tell the others I said that!) See you in the spring!