Month of Makeovers Day 23: From trashy hardware to flashy centerpiece

I almost threw the hardware for this makeover in the scrap metal recycling bin.

2013-10-23 07.26.04

It’s a light fixture that still has ancient, frayed wiring. The brass finish is nearly gone from the cheap base metal. If you’re into shabby chic you might find it perfect just as it is. Sorry! I’m giving it a makeover!


I was envisioning a silver finish and knew it would be crazy easy to do with Rub ‘n Buff. I had three different flavors to play with.

2013-10-23 19.50.41

All I did was squeeze a tiny dab on a paper towel and smear it on, deliberately leaving places where the original finish shows through. The Rub ‘n Buff spreads on as easy as butter and dries super fast. A light buffing with a soft, dry cloth and the piece takes on a soft shine. Next time I use this stuff I’ll wear latex gloves because my fingers ended up looking like the Tin Man!

2013-10-23 19.58.27

I traced around the base on a piece of scrap wool felt (from the purse makeover) and hot glued it on.

2013-10-23 22.00.15

Next up: the reason I’d saved this sad piece of junk in the first place. I knew I had a small collection of iridescent chandelier crystals. I’m a total pushover for anything iridescent. I’ve used these crystals as Christmas tree ornaments and hung them in windows as light catchers. Sometimes I put them out in a bowl just to admire them.

2013-10-23 20.34.19

The hardest part of the whole makeover was picking out enough matching crystals to hang on the old lamp.

2013-10-23 20.39.46

I stuck the completed candlestick on top of an inverted cereal bowl to give it a little more height for its portrait. It’s Federal glass in the iridescent Moonglow pattern. I like the way it looks so much I just might tear off the felt base and epoxy the two pieces together permanently.

2013-10-23 21.21.19

I can’t wait to set the table with my new centerpiece and the rest of my Moonglow dishes! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

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6 Comments on “Month of Makeovers Day 23: From trashy hardware to flashy centerpiece”

  1. luray says:

    Crystals + Moonglow = total simpatico! That is a fabulous makeover for a piece of junk!