Month of Makeovers, Day 26: The lingerie model gets a makeover

She’s sleek. She’s slender. She’s svelte. She’s smooth.


She’s a lingerie model! Oooh la la!

At least I think she started out as a lingerie model. When I got her she she had been painted white and was kinda dinged up. Miss Twiggy needed a makeover!

Last month I gave her a coat of very dark gray paint. Miss Sophisticated, indeed! She went to the Vintage Bazaar to model hats in our booth, and she looked extremely chic. So chic she even sold a hat or two.

Look at her profile, though. Kinda alien-like, don’t you think? Like Nefertiti without the nose.


So this month I’m going to have a little fun with her. I think I’ll put her in charge of spook duty on our front porch for Halloween.

But she needs a little help here. How about a wig?


Looks like my hair in the mornings, just a different color!

How about a rubber chicken foot pendant?


It fell off the family rubber chicken. What? Your family doesn’t own a rubber chicken? How very odd.

How about a vintage sequined mask?


Very mysterious!

How about a sequined tiara?


Punk princess?

By this time it’s dark outside, so I bring Miss Twiggy inside for the finishing touches.

How about . . . . teeth?!


Now she looks a little skeletal! Not to worry, they’re rubbery plastic tile spacers, stuck on with poster putty. We can rearrange her dentition any time we want.

Eyeballs? We got some buttons here with a swish of red paint.


Okay, now she’s creepy. And campy.

I dare the neighborhood kids to knock on my door!

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