Fauxthentic hope chest update

Well, I agreed with everyone who commented, texted and emailed to say the freshly painted hope chest heart looks too new.

I roughed it up with coarse sandpaper. This was faster and easier than having the grandkids over for multiple weekends.


Then I gave it a heavy coat of Annie Sloan’s dark wax to highlight the flaws and tone down the bright color. Then I sanded it and waxed it again.


Now I like it!  I’ve never been a fan of fake distressing, mostly because it always looks fake. I hope this comes off as appropriately fauxthentic.


Back to sorting out the basement storage area. We assembled a new workbench yesterday. We’ll finally have a place to rewire light fixtures and repair things other than the kitchen table. Can’t wait to have the jumble sorted and stowed away!

2 Comments on “Fauxthentic hope chest update”

  1. Jane Thibeault says:

    Much better!!!!!