Ooooh, Janeray, look what I found!


Bakelite flatware. RED Bakelite flatware.


(Wait, did I spell that right?)

Faye, our dealer-neighbor at The Vintage Bazaar, had a giant box of it in her shop downtown. I grabbed all the pieces that weren’t wobbly or brittle. Faye told me that somebody else had already snapped up most of the soup spoons. Darn.


It’s not a matching set. There are at least seven different patterns here. You’ll have to mix and match the place settings.


I like it better that way, anyway. Hope you do, too.

Yep, they’re for you!

7 Comments on “Ooooh, Janeray, look what I found!”

  1. Lorretta from NH says:

    So similar to the ones I have in our Shasta. You didn’t see them when you took the tour. They go with our Melmec dishes! Love them also. ….Lorretta

  2. Lorretta from NH says:

    PS. I’m especially in LOVE with the tablecloth they’re sitting on!

    • luray says:

      Hi Lorretta! Red Bakelite and Melmac, especially green Melmac, would be a fantastic combo! Sorry I missed it in your Shasta. If you all come back to Salisbury in the spring I will catch it then. And that is a great tablecloth, isn’t it? I think it’s poppies. Fortunately I get to keep the tablecloth—only the Bakelite goes to Janeray.

  3. janeray says:

    Wahoo!!! What a fabulous find! And mine?!?! Even fabulouser!! You’re an awesome partner in crime. 🙂