Placesettings: wake up your eyes

The world is on a Christmas binge right now, but we’re still thinking Fall here at This Old Row House. We’ll be thinking Fall right up until Advent begins. (Though I do admit I sorted through every single box of my vintage Christmas decorations yesterday. Two more weeks until it starts coming out of storage.)

There’s nothing like a jolt of orange and yellow to welcome the morning, especially when it’s still dark outside.


The dishes are Fire-King jadeite, using the St. Denis breakfast cup and saucer and egg cup. The Bakelite (actually Catalin) flatware and heavy cotton napkin are both vintage. The oversized egg is from the local Dutch Country Market where you can buy the world’s best spit-roasted chickens (yum!) if you don’t mind waiting in the world’s longest line. (We don’t!)


The tablecloth is a Wilendur (with its original tag) in the nasturtium pattern. (Now that I’ve taken a photo I can see the red designs on my enamel topped kitchen table showing through. It’s not stained.) We’ve taken this tablecloth to Pettengill repeatedly but not one person has ever picked it up. Must be a sign. I’m in love and I’m keeping it for now.

Are you gearing up for Christmas, or are you still anticipating Thanksgiving? What are your thoughts on Christmas hoopla in October and November?

7 Comments on “Placesettings: wake up your eyes”

  1. We are anxiously waiting to buy our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. Your egg looks delicious. I think I will go and eat my breakfast now.

  2. We usually wait until after Dec. 5th (Elisabeth’s Birthday) to decorate for Christmas. Originally so it would seem to her like the 5th was all in celebration of Elisabeth. Now that she is grown and not living here, I was thinking about having all the kids help me decorate when they are all here on the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. rubyfoot says:

    Nasty urchins are my favourite flower and if I ever got within any distance of this beautiful tablecloth it would disappear as if by magic

    • janeray says:

      Glad you like the tablecloth! I really like nasturtiums, too. I used to plant them in my second story window boxes so they would trail down the front of the house. They were stunning but high maintenance to keep the aphids off.