Placesettings: Banish the gloom

Mr. Weatherman says it’ll be overcast and dreary today. Well, I can fix that!


I’ve got a cheerful placesetting starting with 1930s Anchor Hocking Banded Ring plates on top of Fire-King Jane Ray jadeite. The juice glasses are vintage Swanky Swigs, the only two I currently own. The bananas are in a Sunbeam mixer bowl. Why not? It’s great for salad, too.

The yellow banded napkins are probably way older than the 1950s green, gray, yellow and red tablecloth. I think it’s a Simtex. Won’t swear to it, though. This is another cloth that no one ever liked at Pettengill. I think I’ll enjoy it for a while!


What do you do to cheer up a rainy day?

2 Comments on “Placesettings: Banish the gloom”

  1. luray says:

    Raining here today, Janeray. And I did too totally love that green plaid tablecloth! But it goes better with your jadeite.

  2. janeray says:

    We could do time shares with it! Or inter household loans, like a tablecloth library. šŸ™‚ It would look great with your white dishes. Or paper plates for a picnic for two.