Cookie sheet memo board

My parents couldn’t afford cookie sheets when they first married, so my dad made one out of a piece of aluminum. It was a failure. The flimsy pan bends under the weight of dough and the cookies slide onto the floor. This humiliating piece of baking equipment got sent to the basement and forgotten for nearly 60 years.


I decided to put it back in the kitchen with a ten minute makeover. I polished it with Brillo then added adhesive magnet strips to entire perimeter.


Ta da! It’s a message board on my new, excessively large stainless fridge. I’m using overhead projector markers I had in my junk drawer. Dry erase markers would work, too.


Now I’ve got to start a shopping list for all those cookies I want to bake.

What are you going to bake for the holidays?

2 Comments on “Cookie sheet memo board”

  1. luray says:

    You polished it with Brillo, eh? Hard enough to polish a hole in it? 🙂 Love it, though—a fabulous match for the fridge!

    This week I’m baking my traditional two pies: one pumpkin, one apple-cranberry. Might tweak the recipes this year, but since I’ve baked these two for Thanksgiving since forever there may be howls of protest if I change one.single.bitty.thing. Should we post recipes?

    • janeray says:

      No holes polished in anything around here! Can’t believe Grandma did that. Remember how she cleaned the finish off her yellow Formica counter?

      Recipes are always a good thing! So where’s your apple-cranberry pie recipe? Eh?