Placesettings: Perk me up with Crispy! Crunchy! Fruity! Flavorful! Apple Crisp!

Gee, it looks like we only eat breakfast at This Old Row House.  I’ll have to show some dinner placesettings soon!

This is what the kitchen table looked like on Saturday morning before I sliced the apples and pulled out my 1970s Betty Crocker cookbook.


It’s set with Fire-King jadeite restaurant ware and red Bakelite flatware. The anodized aluminum percolator belonged to my Grandmother way back when. The smell of coffee always reminds me of her house. Always. The sugar shaker is one of at least half a dozen my father bought at the flea market decades ago. The glass is about half an inch thick and the top is soldered silver. Imagine sitting down at a Woolworth’s luncheon counter and using a silver topped sugar shaker for your cuppa joe!

Back to cobblers and crisps. Here’s my spattered, well used recipe straight from Betty:


I don’t peel the apples. I cut them into half-inch chunks instead of slicing. Sometimes I substitute brown sugar, usually at 2/3rds cup.  Never use margarine! Ick! And freshly ground nutmeg is the bomb. The spicy smell wafting through the house in the morning will get anyone out of bed. Even the not-morning people. Guaranteed.


Eat it for breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon! Sure beats cold cereal!