Thanksgiving desserts

I don’t get to do the turkey this year. I’m taking the desserts.

But before I leave the house I’m showing them off on jadeite and a small Wilendur leaf-and-acorn tablecloth.


The jadeite pie pan is newer Fire-King 2000. The cake stands are also new. They’re made by Mosser Glass and still in production in four different sizes and at least four different colors.

I made a 10″ pumpkin pie (in the new Pyrex pan), an apple and craisin pie, and a Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake with a spice cookie crust. No, it’s not burnt on the bottom! (You can get the cheesecake recipe here.) But the pumpkin pie did slosh a little when I slid it into place in the oven so it’s got a few dark spots. Martha Stewart wouldn’t hire me, but my family won’t mind my less-than-photogenic desserts. I’m thankful I have so many people to love and share with today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!