Completely non-Christmas fabulous find

I drove by the thrift shop yesterday on my way to the fabric store to pick up a couple dozen jingle bells for my sewing students’ next project.

Am I ever glad I did!

Actually, to back up a country mile in this story, I didn’t drive right by the thrift shop at all. I stopped there before I got to the fabric store, even though it meant taking two left turns on a busy road, which generally I try to avoid.

Because the fabric store always has dozens of jingle bells and if they ever run out they can get more in a jiffy.

But if I miss something marvelous at the thrift shop, well, I’m never going to see it again.

This is what I didn’t miss.


I love it for the sheer exuberant YELLOW. How can you not be just a little more cheerful looking at that? Yellow is a happy color.

But if I didn’t love it for the YELLOW, I’d love it for the big bold sculptural attitude it’s rocking.

side chair

It’s got big sweeping curves, and it’s got slouchy angles.

It’s got turned spindles, and it’s got sleek bentwood.

It’s even got nice carving.

chair back

Yes, the vintage yellow paint is chipping a bit, and underneath that it’s probably gorgeous oak, which was a shame to paint in the first place, but still. . . .

I love it. Not.gonna.change.a.thing.

End of story.

(That stained glass window behind the chair? That’s a different story for another day.)

2 Comments on “Completely non-Christmas fabulous find”

  1. Hannah Brown says:

    What a fabulous find! I love the carving.
    I want to see it in a room (once you’ve found a spot for it, that is!). You should do a post just documenting all the odd chairs at Lurayville 🙂

    • luray says:

      There are odd chairs at Lurayville? I didn’t know that! Guess I never noticed because I’m basically an odd person. But, great idea! Will put it on my list.