Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #1

Still sleepy getting dressed this rainy Friday morning, I opened up my jewelry box to choose some earrings and was startled to find no earrings at all.

I’d pulled the wrong drawer.

The opened drawer had a scattering of vintage costume jewelry pins, including my favorite Christmas ones. Like a magpie, I picked out a couple glittery ones and set them aside to start a bunch of daily posts.

One piece of glittery Christmas jewelry a day, just for the fun of it!

Here’s today’s pick.


Hard plastic holly sprig—I think that’s what it’s supposed to be—with pearlescent “berries” and a dusting of tiny glitter. It’s not signed so I don’t know the maker.

That one green berry just makes the whole arrangement, doesn’t it?

I never did wear any earrings today.

Want to play, Jane? If so, it’s your turn tomorrow!

One Comment on “Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #1”

  1. janeray says:

    Oh dear. I don’t own a single piece! I’ll have to do tablecloths!