Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #3


I see your “ginormous” poinsettia pin and up the ante, Luray. Now this is a truly ginormous pin–a vast and eye popping 4-3/4 inches across.

The leaves are carved chunks of shell, deeply textured and deliciously iridescent. I love iridescence.

The center beads just might be plastic. Or glass. The center bead is jadeite green!

No idea who made it or when.

I do know it was a special gift from Luray! And it looks stunning on the shoulder of my thick, charcoal gray winter coat.

One Comment on “Season’s glitterings! Christmas jewelry #3”

  1. luray says:

    Yes, that is a killer piece. I can’t top that, Janeray. You win! 🙂 I remember buying it for you—it sat in the shop’s window display for two months, and I just could not believe that nobody snapped it up before me. The one jadeite-colored bead really pulls it all together, doesn’t it?