Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #6


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your rhinestones!

Christmas tree pins are such a well-known category of vintage finds that there are even collector societies for them. You can pick up a nifty price guidebook or two, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were swap meets as well.

Just think of all the glittery glamor at a tree-pin swap meet!

But there’s never been one around here that I know of, and I wouldn’t swap this one anyway.

To me, this unsigned pin has all the best things of good ’60s design. It’s big—2 inches from trunk to tip. It’s bright—just four colors of rhinestones on creamy white enamel. It’s got just enough detailing—look at those striations under the white enamel that add a hint of texture to contrast with the sparkle. And those perfect granulated scallops at the bottom of the boughs, each one punctuated with a little green stone.

Love it!