Fun with a glue gun and old glass balls

Silver bells, silver bells! Or is it Jingle bells, jingle bells? I finally got the nerve to start using my hoard of vintage Christmas ornaments. Here’s a detail of the third wreath I’ve made this week.


My second wreath was inspired by a plastic Santa hauling a blue striped present in his sleigh.  I thought it would look great combined with the pile of blue C9 lamps I scored at a thrift store. As a kid I loved seeing houses outlined by blue lights. So frosty looking! And now I love the way the red flocked pieces pop on the blue of this 24″ wreath.


I made myself stop thinking, “This is a real Shiny Brite!” and just focus on color, size and design.  My second wreath turned out a bit hexagonal because I alternated big and bigger ornaments in the outermost ring.  I suppose that’s not a bad thing. Snowflakes are six sided. And this wreath has a flurry of fun ornaments frozen into place.


Now that I think of it,  I could have made it all white and silver like a huge snowflake. I’ll have to use that idea another time. I’ve still got loads of ornaments left in my stash!

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