Christmas tablecloth extravaganza

If there were a 12-step program for textile lovers I would have to admit I have a Christmas tablecloth addiction. I’m afraid to count them and fess up to how many I actually own.


Worse yet, I still look at Christmas tablecloths on eBay and Etsy. I don’t NEED to buy more. I’m only looking. And watching. And not buying. Mostly. Afterall, I already own enough for every breakfast, lunch and dinner in December. And then some.


I rationalize this by telling myself they’re all different sizes to fit the dining room table with four leaves. Truth is, I simply love the patterns and colors. Most of them are pretty common designs. One is even plastic!


I didn’t realize how many of them have red candles and poinsettias until I started arranging them on the table. And I forgot to retrieve the ones in the laundry, so there are more. <blush!>

What if I could only keep one? Wow, I have no idea which one I’d pick. That would be painful!

How about you? Are you searching for a specific Christmas tablecloth? Do you have a favorite?

8 Comments on “Christmas tablecloth extravaganza”

  1. Jane Thibeault says:

    I am beyond jealous!!!!!

  2. I love this. Your addiction is at least colorful. Please, please, please count them. I am so curious to know how many you have.

    • janeray says:

      Ah, Pamela, this sounds like an attempt at an intervention! šŸ˜‰ No, no, I don’t have a problem. Ignorance is bliss! Though I will admit I found five more of them folded on the sofa and a couple more in the laundry…

  3. Erin says:

    Ah, such pretties! I love to open my linen closet just to look at the colors. They are so addicting and I cannot pass one at a thrift store or rummage sale without buying.

    • janeray says:

      Erin, when I find (fat chance!) a 12-step program I’ll invite you to go first. And then ask if you’ll start recovering from this sad addiction by donating your tablecloths to me! Seriously, I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the colors. Makes your heart happy!

  4. luray says:

    Wowser. Look at them all! What’s that green & white one way in the back left of the second photo? I’d like to see that one close up! Also, do you have a system for keeping track of what size each cloth is? I end up having to unfold a bunch till I find one that fits my table with leaves in or out.

    • janeray says:

      I got a picture of the dark green one in my upcoming post! It’s rayon and rather huge. It originally had lots of silver, but now is sadly washed to only a memory.

      I SHOULD come up with some sort of size tracking system. It would make finding an appropriate piece so much easier. Little tags? Laundry pen on the reverse side corner? I’ll have to think this over…