Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #8

Here comes Santa Claus!


And here are a few of the vintage sterling silver charms that haven’t made it onto my Christmas charm bracelet yet.

Ice-skating Santa looks like he’s nailing a triple axel on rather flimsy-looking skates. This is the same guy who lands a sleigh on our roof and makes it down our skinny chimney without getting covered in soot, so, yeah, he can probably skate like an Olympian too.

I’m such a doubter.


Santa-on-ice and the toy-stuffed stocking are both by Wells Sterling, a really high-quality maker. See how smoothly polished the backs are?

Somebody named Ginger gave the stocking to someone else as a little stocking-stuffer. Ginger, you had good taste!


Santa with the rumply facial hair and the navy blue sack slung over his shoulder is not quite as nice quality. He’s marked on the reverse, but I can’t quite make it out. An “F”? A “K”? Anybody know?