Placesettings: it doesn’t have to match

Do you ever find one or two odd plates that you love but pass them by because:

  • You don’t want/need another set?
  • It’s too much hassle to hunt down matching pieces?
  • You don’t have any use for oddball dishes?


Well, stop thinking like the Placesettings Police!

I think it would be interesting to pull out random Christmas plates for a festive lunch or dinner. Who says it all has to match, anyway?


Matchy-matchy is passe for dressing–it’ll brand you as “old lady” just as fast as orthopedic shoes do. Your tabletop settings can loosen up and be creative, too.

Here’s what I’ve used:

A holly print from Harmony House by Salem. Yes, it’s a platter. So what? It’s the same size as a dinner plate. (Luray, this is the green tablecloth you wanted to see!)


A candle and poinsettia design from Taylor Smith and Taylor. Heaven knows it might coordinate with every candle and poinsettia tablecloth ever printed.


My favorite–a jadeite mid-century squiggle Christmas tree by the California pottery, Winfield Ware. This is a pattern I’d collect en masse if I had unlimited funds and a century to track down individual pieces. For now, I’m thrilled to own just this one.


Another 1950s pattern, Snowflake by Harmony House. I actually DO have a full set for 12 of this china. It was my most amazing thrift shop score ever. And it’s not just limited to Christmas. I use it all winter.


Get brave! Have fun with your tabletops! Emily Post won’t be coming down your chimney to protest, I promise.

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