Season’s glitterings: Christmas jewelry #10


A giant rhinestone snowflake!

A lovely choice for tonight, because we had 10 inches of snow last Sunday, and we’re getting another 7 or 8 inches now.

Sunday’s snow was heavy and wet, with a glaze of frozen rain on top. Brutal to shovel!

Tonight’s snow is dry and fluffy. It squeaks when you step on it. Absolutely perfect cross-country skiing snow! I’m thinking about getting my skis out and touring around our tiny backyard. Two kicks and a glide and I’ll be smacking headlong into the neighbor’s fence.

This unmarked rhinestone snowflake is actually missing a piece. One of the outmost groups of three smaller stones has lost its third stone. Did you notice? It’s on the left side there. Maybe it got caught on the original owner’s wool plaid scarf.

Though this snowflake is meant to be symmetrical, it’s just a little “off,” in a quirky and life-like way. I don’t care if it’s not perfect. It’s still a stunner of a sparkler.