O Christmas Tree, O Alcoa Aluminum Tree!

We got some more decorating done last night while simultaneously watching Jimmy Stewart in “Shop Around the Corner”. (Great Christmassy love story! Rent it!)

Once upon a time I had to have a real, live tree. Those days are long gone. Here’s our large aluminum tree in all its glittery glory.


It’s decorated entirely with vintage ornaments.


Everything came from thrift stores: Coby glass ornaments in solid and variegated blues, red and blue Satin-Sheen ornaments, and my favorite new find–clear plastic stars.


I love the way they catch the light and gleam as though they’re lit. Pretty spectacular for simple pieces of plastic from Hong Kong. I hope I can find more of them. And I wouldn’t mind finding them at the amazing original price, either.


Tonight I’ll have to get out the small aluminum tree and the Shiny Brites. Stay tuned!