Bake, then decorate. Or is it the other way around?


I {heart} aluminum cooky cutters.

Pretty sure my mom had a box of them in her kitchen. Maybe that’s why I {heart} them so much.

I’m always on the lookout for shapes I don’t have yet. Which does not stop me from buying shapes I already have, just because I {heart} them all.


They’re nice piled into bowls or old jars.


They’re nice hung on the tree. Wish I had a kitchen big enough for a tree of its own, it’d be completely covered in cooky cutters!

This year I added another nice way to {heart} aluminum cooky cutters.


I laced them on red ribbon, twined with silver ribbon and random lengths of faded silver bead garland. They’re draped and tied over the bare upper cafe curtain rods in my dining room. I was hoping to distract from the obvious fact that I still haven’t finished the dotted swiss valances for those windows.

It’s only been 9 years. Ahem. Tell me I’m not the only person whose life is like that!


Look, it’s a gingerbread man in a uniform! Love his little shirt pockets. “I’ll watch over the cookies, m’am. Don’t worry ’bout a thing.”

I’m sure you will, son. Unfortunately I haven’t baked any yet. That’s a project for today!

4 Comments on “Bake, then decorate. Or is it the other way around?”

  1. I have the same little gingerbread man in uniform. And I figured out the perfect way to avoid duplication– give the extras to my daughters as wedding presents. Now they make the Christmas cookies!

    • luray says:

      Brilliant! They get cute cooky cutters, you get ready-made cookies! I’m a couple years from pulling that off, though. 🙂

  2. janeray says:

    I am stealing the cookie cutter in jar idea–now that I have two identical cookie jars! And no cookies left to eat.

    • luray says:

      Is it better to have a cooky jar filled with vintage aluminum cooky cutters, or with fresh homemade gingerbread cookies? Ooooh, can’t decide, can’t decide . . . .