I hit the after-Christmas sale at the thrift shop


And this is what I scored!


Seven bright green Fire King bowls. Perfect size for hot oatmeal, and won’t that color wake you right up on a winter morning?


Red, gray, & green print tablecloth. It’s rayon, and unmarked. Nifty lattice center with a big floral border. This could go Christmassy, or not. I like that—a tablecloth with a split personality.


Homemade holly-print apron. It’s pleated cotton percale with green grosgrain ribbon ties. And two red felt circles weirdly glued (why not sewn?!) on the ends of the waistband, probably to disguise the fact that the waistband ribbon is a different width than the ties. Still nice & crisp, might have been laundered only once!

It’s really long—midcalf on me, and I’m tall.┬áJust the thing for the next time I bake cookies while wearing a velvet maxi skirt and teetery heels. Which will be never, since I don’t own teetery heels. Substitute sensible flats and hand me the flour canister & I’m there.

One Comment on “I hit the after-Christmas sale at the thrift shop”

  1. janeray says:

    I love how it all coordinates. Pop on that apron and stir up some steel cut oatmeal with chopped nuts and real cream. Dried cranberries. Maple syrup instead of brown sugar. Yum! Maybe I should go get breakfast now instead of inventing yours…