The perfect Christmas centerpiece


How do you like the fantastic Yule log graphics on this Christmas tablecloth? So 1950s! I think it would look great with Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware in chartreuse and gray. Or vintage milkglass Termocrisa dishes with holly leaves and berries. None of which I own. Not that that matters. I found a perfect centerpiece, though!


One of those DIY ceramic projects from long past, this Yule log couldn’t get any better at coordinating. Yes, the brush work is less than stellar. I think that only adds to its wonky charm.


I can’t make out the marking on the bottom. Probably not Atlantic mold. Not that I’d know, anyhow. I’m just looking forward to the next dinner when I can show it off.


Thanks, Luray, for accidentally including it in your shopping-for-sideboard photo and bringing it all the way from MA! 🙂