What’s your resolution?


Two thousand fourteen, here we come!

I’ve made some vintage resolutions already.

This year I’m only going to buy vintage stuff that I absolutely, absolutely love, even if I plan to sell it. Eventually.

This year I’m going to organize my vintage stock really well, now that all the contractors are done making lotsa messes in my storage spaces.

This year I’m going to knit some goofy things from vintage patterns, just for the fun of it.

This year I’m going to take Janeray’s advice and not pass over those pretty plates just because they’re orphans.

This year I’m going to be more fearless with color. And this year I’m going to finish painting Lurayville!

What are your resolutions?

2 Comments on “What’s your resolution?”

  1. janeray says:

    Okay, I’ll play!

    My vintage resolutions:

    In 2014 I will finally open a Dish Sisters Etsy shop.

    In 2014 I’m going to finish setting up my sewing/crafting room and make things from vintage embroidered linens.

    In 2014 I’m going to finish setting up our workbench and my new vintage toolbox.

    In 2014 I’m going to start putting up my vintage Christmas decorations earlier so I have time to hang my beaded fruit garlands.

    In 2014 I’m going to send Great-Grandma’s chair to get reupholstered as soon as I find a fabric I love. I keep looking!

    In 2014 I’m going to downsize my accumulation of vintage goodies: souvenir pillowcases, dishes, Kitschmas decorations, tablecloths and other linens. Lots of my old stuff needs to go to new homes.

  2. My resolutions are: to not buy anything for my new house that I don’t absolutely love and to help paint all the exterior a nice, sunny yellow. I have always loved a yellow house.
    Adam’s resolution is to upgrade his vinyl collection.
    Joel’s resolution is to set up his dad’s workbench and a vintage shop in the basement. He says all he needs is some barn board to panel the wall behind the bench.
    Elisabeth’s is to find some new vintage dresses that fit.