Winter daydream in plaid

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you had a wonderful evening with friends and family, didn’t drink too much champagne, and got to sleep in! We scored two out of three here at This Old Row House.

So what do you do after a very late (or too early!) winter night? I turned to the endearingly retro Vermont Country Store* catalog for inspiration. “Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find”, they specialize in items your grandparents probably used and loved.


The cheerful snowman with his plaid Stormy Kromer cap sent me into a winter daydream. I’d start with Tired Old Ass Soak, because frankly I could use it after a short winter’s night of grandkids sleeping over. First thing I heard this morning was, “Look, Grandma! The sun is up!” Indeed. It was.


Next up I’d add this cute jammie set. Perfect for lounging around and watching old Jimmy Stewart movies. Or finding half-full glasses of wine left on the bookcases.


Of course, I must have accessories! Got to keep warm in this chilly old house. A hot water bottle would be great for snuggling. Do you suppose it really would ease the aches and pains of too much partying?


Add a cozy Royal Stewart blanket more than big enough for two.


And some warm, wool socks. It’s never been 30 below in the house, so I’m afraid we can’t test drive that feature.


Of course, I can’t leave ManRay out. Should I put him in a red union suit? 🙂  (Didn’t think these still existed! Ha!)


He’d need a coordinating plaid robe. AND!! He could get a matching sleep cap! Bet the last time you saw one of them was in a Charles Dickens Scrooge movie.


Mustn’t forget the delectable carbs to munch! I love Scottish shortbread and the plaid tin makes it even better. It would make a pretty fine button box once it was empty. Which wouldn’t take long, I’m afraid.


Last but not least, if we truly had to go anywhere, and we do, there’s a plaid heated blanket for the car. Now that’s traveling in style!


*I have no connection to Vermont County Store and wasn’t asked to feature their products.