Dick Tracy goes to Sage Farm

I’m pulling together a pile of fabulous vintage things to take to the Sage Farm “Cabin Fever” show in two weeks.

Here’s the first thing I grabbed. Dick Tracy, call your office!


It’s a 1950s Dick Tracy wrist radio! Don’t you love the graphics? I want an Iphone case with that exact lettering of “Wrist Radio” in that exact shade of marbley red.

The red dial on the receiver spins so you can tune in to the proper frequency. Or pretend to, at any rate.


The real action happens on the transmitter part of the set. Dick (or his young stand-in) could send a loud buzz or a click signal to his crime-fighting partner.

I can see Morse code happening here. All the fifth-graders I’ve ever taught absolutely adore Morse code. And if you were a Boy Scout in the 1950s, you probably had Morse memorized already.


There’s room in the back of the transmitter for a C battery. And still-stretchy elastic bands on both pieces.


No, there is no cover for the battery compartment. The big boys don’t bother with girly stuff like that. Girly stuff is for Tess Trueheart.

Alas, the set doesn’t work. One of the tiny brass contacts inside has broken off. Yes, I took it apart to see. If I had a tiny soldering iron I might be able to mend it, but I don’t own that and I’d be afraid to try. Somebody will love this set for its sheer collectibility, anyway.

See you at Sage Farm!