Ready for Cabin Fever at Sage Farm!

I’m done setting up my booth for Sage Farm’s Cabin Fever market!

The good news: I’m on the first floor at last, right across from the dealer who always has piles of amazing vintage textiles, so a) maybe some lucky vintage karma will rub off on my booth, and b) VINTAGE TEXTILES! Woohoo! Forget about selling stuff! Let’s go shopping!

Yeah. I was distracted.

The bad news: my booth is right in front of a giant south-east-facing window, so there’s next to no wall space and every photo comes out glarey and dark. I didn’t know I was going to get this space till I got there, so my panicky solution was to pin up some linen curtain panels in front of the windows to cut some of the glare. Next time I’ll take another dealer’s tip and nail up some lattice!


(See what I mean about the glare? And I stupidly left my stepstool right in front of the antique green chair for the photo!) Isn’t that fan-front dresser sweet?


This chrome rocker with grey crackle-ice vinyl upholstery is a very recent find. It was pretty grimy, but it shined up nice. Janeray’s vintage heart tin is cute even without chocolate inside!


While we’re talking chairs, here’s the green one. It came out of my parents’ house. I love the elegant shape and the layers of paint, but it’s just too low a chair for tall people to be comfortable in, so I hope it finds a new loving home.


I’ve got aluminum canisters & kitchenware, of course.


A clotheshorse for the pony set, a little red pocketbook, and old red rollerskates that still have their key!


A stack of much-loved Beatrix Potter books. And much much more.

The show opens tomorrow, so I’m off to iron my dealer apron and price a few more things for restocking.

Wish you were here!

5 Comments on “Ready for Cabin Fever at Sage Farm!”

  1. janeray says:

    Wishing I were there instead of just reading about it! Is that a Bates bedspread on that amazing rocker? (Trying to imagine the room that rocker was in when it was new –and sorry I don’t have a place to put it now, it’s so awesome!)

    • luray says:

      Yes, indeed, that is a Bates bedspread! There’s no tag on the rocker, so I’m not sure if it’s a Costco, but it is very cool. If *I* had a place to put it, I’d be keeping it.

  2. Hannah says:

    The space looks great! I wish I could be there!

  3. Wonderful pieces, I absolutely love the green chair and the biscuit