What I saw at Sage Farm

Ohhhh, those colors!

Ohhhh, those colors!

Last weekend’s Sage Farm “Cabin Fever” market is over and done. I did pretty well, all things considered. My sweet fan-front dresser sold right away, along with the grey vinyl & chrome rocking chair and a bunch of other things.

I thought I’d be posting photos of great finds every day of the show, but I turned out to be too tired. Also unwilling to feed my family canned spaghetti three nights in a row!

So finally, a week after the fact, here’s what I found and loved for display ideas. (Later I’ll post photos of things that I simply loved.)


An old crib spring displays vintage kitchen tools. Rolling pins are stashed in a weathered wood wine rack on the table. I saw quite a few customers stopping at this display to look at everything.


Matte-glaze pottery spilling out of an old green cupboard. Tin boxes and flowered hat boxes piled in front. This dealer is a master at layering objects and colors!


A nice wooden stand supports a leather suitcase brimming with vintage sewing notions and trim. Easy for shoppers to see what’s in there, easy for the dealer to pack up—just close the suitcase and take it away!


My favorite aluminum trays massed on a wall for a striking display. The dealer held them to the wall with 3M Command poster strips.


A study in black & white: without that goldfish bowl piled with old baby shoes, the piano stool would’ve been boring, boring, boring.


Freshly potted miniature daffodils on a simple stand. This was positioned at the back of a narrow booth, and the greenery sucked you right in. What a great contrast with the weathered wood!


A child’s black Windsor rocker perched on a black table. The pops of color in the pennants and the books make this interesting. The top book is My Love Affair with the State of Maine, and I’d want to read that even if it didn’t have an fantastic jacket design!


One more—a stack of vintage suitcases topped with a black & white wedding photo. More photos right behind it on the wall. The porcelain bedpan and the wooden yardsticks add some super contrasts of texture in this display.

Stay tuned for more Sage Farm finds!

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