No one love’s me . . . and my grammar’s bad, too.


Like a lot of dealers, I have furniture pieces that need a little work before they’re sellable.

This simple pine table has been in my “Must Do Something With It” pile for five years. Maybe six. It was the turned legs and the pretty molding details on the apron that caught my eye.

In January I finally figured out what to do.

The turned legs got a quick sanding and two coats of jadeite green paint. Love that color!


The knotty pine board top, though, I decided to leave just as it was, water rings and dents and all. Sometimes it’s better not to “improve” on age and experience.

It did need a good cleaning, though. And when I started scrubbing I was surprised to find this scratched into the top.


There must be an interesting story behind that, and I’d have loved to know what it was.

But, like Inigo Montoya, I got used to disappointment.

Sorry, poor little pine table, that I didn’t love you for six years. But now you look nice, and I hope someone will want to own you and stack you with pot’s of daffodil’s or mug’s of English Breakfast tea and a plate of homemade scone’s.

Someone other than me, I mean.

And I’ll throw in a vintage copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. Just in case you want to read up on the proper use’s of apostrophe’s.

2 Comments on “No one love’s me . . . and my grammar’s bad, too.”

  1. Ninette Stevens says:

    I love this table! Where are you located? I’m in FL. How much for the table and can you give me the measurements? Thanks Ninette