What I saw at Sage Farm: favorite finds!


I’m still unpacking stuff from Sage Farm two weekends ago. Mostly because I’ve spent a lot of time shoveling snow!

Here are some things I loved that other dealers had. Like this sweet beaded velvet heart pincushion, a 1947 souvenir of Niagara Falls. A postwar honeymoon memento, maybe?

red collage

Things that were red & white & plaid up next. The hula girl tumblers put you in a beach party mood even if it’s snowing out. I don’t think the ceramic terrier toast rack is very old, but it’s cute. The enamel-top table is one solid piece of furniture that would bring great presence to a kitchen big enough to put it in. Mine isn’t, alas.


A never-used souvenir tablecloth of California, draped over what I think was the frame for an old chalkboard, minus the board. Instant room divider and display spot, all in one!


Here’s a wonderful china cupboard with a fresh coat of creamy white paint. Look at all the carvings and the lovely fretwork on the door! I see this style of cupboards all the time, but this is the nicest one yet. The dealer could have picked out some of the carvings with a different color, but here there’s just too much going on here to pull that off. The single color makes it elegant.


Pink & pastel things! Hey Janeray, somebody else loves those WW2 souvenir satin pillowcases too. And funky safety-pin beaded candlesticks with a matching basket. Plus more of my favorite matte-glaze pottery.


One last amazing thing—a electric appliance called a Psychostrobe. Never heard of it before, but I can guess what it does, and so can you. Despite the prominent name of the maker (“Science Fair”) I seriously doubt this was ever used in a school science fair experiment. School dance is more like it. With girls in bell bottoms and beads. Groovy!