What I saw at Sage Farm: 3 things I had to stop myself from buying

Oh, did I want them.

But responsible dealers are not supposed to spend all their profits as soon as they make them. At least that’s what BluesRay tells me. (How does he know, anyway?)

So I held onto my wallet and pulled out my camera instead.


1. This amazing white steel cabinet with a Formica countertop and sliding glass doors on top. Total midcentury [heart]. I love how this dealer added just a few red accents, so you see the cabinet and not just the smalls. Alas, no room in my kitchen for it.

Also, those red tulip tumblers? More midcentury [heart].


2. This long leather satchel. Not sure what it was originally for. But it would be perfect for a big knitting project. Or even for a backstrap loom, which I have been known to travel with. I’ve never been keen on cloth knitting bags because they slump over and you have to dig your project out of them while fighting the slumpy cloth. This is a practical alternative. With a bit of steampunk vibe too!


3. This reverse-paint-on-glass panel from an antique Federal-style mirror or from a clock. So delicately done, and so pretty! I am a total sucker for reverse paint on glass. Why didn’t I buy this? Why o why?! Maybe the dealer will have it at the next Sage Farm and I can snap it up then . . .

2 Comments on “What I saw at Sage Farm: 3 things I had to stop myself from buying”

  1. Jane Thibeault says:

    Oh myyyy drooling here.
    Is Sage Farm a monthly thing???

    • luray says:

      Jane, you’re a New Hampshire girl, aren’t you? Yes indeed, Sage Farm is every first weekend of the month, except for August. In the winter, shows are at the old Rollins Furniture barn on Rt 1 in North Hampton, NH. It’s a huge, gorgeous 18th century barn. The rest of the year, shows are about a mile away at a lovely private farm. Check them out at http://www.sagefarmantiques.com. They’re on Facebook too. I won’t be exhibiting at the March show, but I’ll be back for April!