Dutch boy meets girl: a love story with two happy endings

Once upon a time, a shy little Dutch boy got pushed behind a couple of ugly vases on a shelf in a thrift shop.


This is him. We’ll call him Hans. Hans is wearing big yellow bloomers and even bigger wooden shoes—just the fashion for shy little Dutch boys. Aren’t his apple-y cheeks adorable?


Hans is leaning up against a white picket fence, and on the other side some blobby red tulips are blooming. I wish we had tulips, even blobby ones, blooming here. All we’ve got is snow!

A nice dealer came along and spied Hans’s bright red cap, pulled him out from behind the ugly vases, and brought him home.

Hans kept her company in the kitchen for about a year. He was quiet and never caused any trouble.

Then one day, at another thrift shop, the nice dealer found a little Dutch girl!


Here she is. We’ll call her Lotte. Lovely little Lotte was clearly made to be Hans’s companion. She’s not leaning up against a picket fence, though. Her yellow skirt’s too big and billowy.


Lotte’s even got the same apple-y cheeks. But I don’t think she’s quite as shy. Her expression is just a bit . . . is she winking at him? The little hussy!


Hans and Lotte lived together in the nice dealer’s kitchen for a couple years. Lotte kept winking at Hans and tossing her blonde braid, and Hans kept looking slightly alarmed.

Then one day the dealer decided it was time to find Hans and Lotte a new home. She sold them the very first month she had a booth space in an antique shop.

And the very next day she missed Hans and Lotte.

Five years went by.

By chance, the dealer went into a shop one winter day where she hadn’t been since autumn. Surprise! Perched on a shelf together were . . . Hans and Lotte. Still as cute a couple as ever.


Now these two little lovebirds are back in my house again. Welcome home, Hans and Lotte!

Dutch boy & Dutch girl planters are from the 1940s, I’m guessing. Both are about 5 1/2″ high. Underglazed except for the red cold paint. Neither is marked.