I finally got my own tool box

Would you like to see what I got for Christmas? Yes, Christmas! (blush! blush!) It’s a vintage carpenter’s toolbox. Every woman should have her own toolbox. I’ve wanted one for years.


The kids thought I’d paint it. Absolutely not!

Maybe it was a school shop project way back when. (Do kids still make things like this in shop class? Do schools still offer shop class? Or home EC?)

My kids thought I’d want to paint it. Absolutely not! It’s keeping its original, chippy paint. It’s been around the block a few times. I can relate.

At some time in the past its sliding top lid went missing. Maybe I’ll make a replacement. Maybe not. A good rubbing with a bit of bar soap helped the drawers glide in and out a lot more smoothly. And it only took a few minutes to gather my odd assortment of tools.


I can finally put all my stuff in ONE place! Now if I could just remember where I put my glue gun after the last time I used it…

Some of these are old but new to me. The level, screwdrivers and the vintage red scissors came from my dad’s workshop. So did the leather-wrapped magnifying glass. I bought the hammer and pliers years ago so I would have my own set. I could never find ManRay’s tools when I wanted them. (Still can’t, truth be told.)

All that’s left to add is my glue gun. I haven’t seen it since before Christmas when I was making vintage ornament wreaths. How long ago was that?!

I have been away far too long. I’m so glad it’s finally March. The sun is returning. The birds have been singing. And even though it will be 20 degrees tonight with EVEN MORE SNOW in the forecast, my heart is feeling warmer. I’m thinking spring cleaning and new, creative projects. What to do first?