I love you but I’m leaving you


The Sage Farm show is a garden of earthly delights for winter-weary eyes. It has green galore–which the New England landscape sure doesn’t!

The first thing to catch my eye was this barkcloth tea cozy.


What makes it special for me is the detail in the center of the flower. I’d love to steal this idea and use vintage trimmings from my stash. I know I’ve got scraps of barkcloth tucked away somewhere.


I love the color on this platonite ball pitcher. If I had cupboard space (hahahaha!) it would go home with me.


The next thing I’m loving but leaving is this wonderful green picnic basket. The “woven” detail is great, but the top was so badly rusted I put it back on its shelf.


What to do with a loose ball of string? Keep it from snarling into a tangled mess in this embroidered bag. The “dot” over the “i” is the hole to thread it through, and it has small rings to hang it by the top corners. I might just go back for it.


I wish I could do decorative painting as beautiful as this chair back. (Maybe I could. Who knows? I’ve never tried!) It was one of three, all ideally suited for people a lot shorter than six feet tall. And ManRay will be happy to know I’m not bringing furniture home.


I loved a trio of flowerpots…


the pansies on this book (sold!)


and the colors on this vintage lunch box (also sold!)


I almost bought these vintage Craftsman pruning shears. I don’t think they work, but they’d be interesting displayed on top of a gardening book.


Maybe with some old binoculars for bird watching.


But I have no regrets. Yet.