Today’s the big day at Sage


Jadeite! Pink! Piles of tablecloths! The world’s largest vintage dresser! I loved the way our booth looked. Shoppers did, too.

Yesterday morning our booth at the Sage Farm show was loaded with pastels galore. Thursday was “dealers only” day, Friday the show opened to the public, but of course lots of potential customers have to work. We’re hoping Saturday will bring lots and lots of shoppers.

We didn’t have a single spot to cram in one more item.


We always have the most colorful booth at every show. I hope our treasures make shoppers smile.

We weren’t scheduled to work the floor on Friday, so we have no idea what sold. I hope a lot of it is gone! We’ll go in before the doors open to the public to rearrange and restock.

While we weren’t working we got to do some shopping. Can’t keep selling without restocking! At least that’s how we justify it. 🙂


In all my eons of shopping for vintage goodies I’ve never seen anything like these before. It was love at first sight.

I bought this fantastic lot of 1940s Easter ….things. They’re about actual egg sized and made of vinyl that’s still remarkably soft. I’m guessing they may have been baby teething toys because some of them have something inside that rattles. I’ll display them in a vintage basket instead of candy.


What is it with vintage sewing stuff and me lately? I picked up this gorgeous grosgrain ribbon over and over before I finally decided to buy it. Such a fabulous color!

I couldn’t pass up this huge roll of blue grosgrain ribbon. By huge, I mean it’s over three inches wide. I loved the color. I’m such a pushover for color, it’s pathetic.


Be still my heart! I loved this but some other lucky shopper took it home.

I did pass up this amazing chenille bedspread because it had holes. Big holes. If I could think of a good way to repurpose it, I’d snap it up in a blink. This time my passion for color lost out. But if it’s still available this morning I may have to reconsider! Aargh!


Wow! I found this great vintage tablecloth in a thrift store. I almost never find tablecloths. Woot!

I didn’t think twice about buying this Startex tablecloth. It needs a good soaking in Biz before it can grace a table. What great graphics!

Last treasure…a giant spool of green thread. This puppy is about nine inches high. I’m thinking craft project: a sewing room Christmas tree?


Okay, it was only a dollar! And for some reason I have this love of old sewing stuff lately. Makes no sense, I know!

Now off to a very busy Saturday at Sage Farm! We’ll be there from 1:30 until closing, running up and down from the second floor to the checkout area. Better grab my comfy shoes!

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  1. So what does one say to wish you a good performance today? How about: Break a dish!