What’s bigger than a breadbox?

What’s a bigger find than this fantastic, bright orange Ransburg breadbox?

Bright orange Ransburg breadbox with jadeite accents.

Would you believe. . .

a FULL SET of matching Ransburg pieces? There are three canisters, a match box, a covered cake plate and two shakers. They aren’t flawless by a long shot. But the handpainted details are so pretty! This pattern is called Kitchen Bouquet.


Yea, they’re grubby. I cleaned them up after this photo.


Nice dent, huh? I’m going to try to smooth it out.

I hope someone falls in love with them at Pettengill in June. Maybe someone with a turquoise or jadeite green kitchen. Wouldn’t that color contrast look fantastic?

Kitchen stools are bigger than a breadbox, too. This one said “Take me home! Take me home!” So I did. I’m such a pushover. It’s red! The price was right! I’ll probably take it to Pettengill, too.


I’m picturing this on a porch or in a garden with plants on every level. It’s a bit too shabby for indoors.

And!!!! I got another Granny Square afghan! I’ve looked for these for years and never found any until recently. This one was crazy cheap at a thrift store I almost never visit. It needs a bit of mending, but only on a couple seams. And it doesn’t smell nasty, which is a huge plus.


Gorgeous colors, aren’t they? I might need to join a 12-Step program for Granny Square collectors now.

I found some smaller treasures today, too, including this rainbow of anodized aluminum juice cups.


I remember my grandmother had a set of these. We kids always argued over who got the purple one!


They’re Bascal, the real deal. Yay!

It was love at first sight when I saw this vintage silk scarf. What an AMAZING color combination!


Would YOU mix red, yellow, purple and blue? Orchids and plaid? I’m happy someone did!

Last but not least, my smallest treasure of the day: five red buttons. Although at 2 inches in diameter they’re not exactly small.


What would you do with five big buttons?

There was more, but these are my favorites. What a color binge of a day! 🙂

4 Comments on “What’s bigger than a breadbox?”

  1. luray says:

    LOVE that scarf! What did you wear with it?

  2. luray says:

    I just noticed the diagonal stripes on the afghan. Never saw one like that before! Is it wool?

    • janeray says:

      I think it’s acrylic, but that’s just fine with me. And yes you have seen them with diagonal stripes, the gorgeous one you got for my birthday is arranged in diagonals! You just didn’t notice.