Placesettings: our Easter table

Uh oh, looks like somebody already ate all the jelly beans that were piled high in this Fanny Farmer candy cup!

Easter Day was sunny and 50 degrees here. Crocuses, snowdrops, and a few early daffodils are blooming. The buds on the magnolia trees are just beginning to open. Lawns are starting to green up.


We’re so hungry for the sight of more blooming things that this floral tablecloth was the perfect choice. It’s not old—the label on it says “Waterford”—but that oversized print (lilacs! lilies! peonies! er, daisies? and, uh, some other flowers I’m too lousy a gardener to recognize)  has a vintage vibe. There are napkins to match, too.


We set the table with Lu-Ray Pastels, of course. Sharon Pink, Windsor Blue, Surf Green, and Persian Cream—those colors are in their glory this season.


The centerpiece was a casual grouping of vintage American pottery in Lu-Ray colors. Four fowls and a bunny with a basket! That’s a little pink McCoy flower pot upturned in the center.


For dessert, a lamb cake! Under that barely-sweet buttercream “wool” is an orange-scented pound cake. It was a shame to slice it up. We ate it anyway, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!

What did you put on your Easter table?


One Comment on “Placesettings: our Easter table”

  1. janeray says:

    Baaaa! Can’t decide what I like better, the adorable pottery critters or the lamb cake with the swirly frosting!