Happy Mother’s Day!

Even though I’m a grandmother myself now, my mom still introduces me as her “baby.”


Me and my mom, sometime in the middle of the last century.

And here we are–Mom in her fabulous aluminum cat’s eye glasses and beautifully detailed white blouse. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she sewed it herself. And I’d just about bet that the little white blanket was knitted by someone special. Maybe Mom. Maybe my grandmother. They both were always doing some sort of needle arts–knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, needlepoint, and more. They left me a rich heritage of creativity.

We’re sitting in the rocking chair that I knocked over and broke when I was a kid. Cracked a rocker right off! I must have been a real handful, and there were four more kids besides. I have no idea how she stayed sane. When we weren’t fighting (which was probably a daily event) we were chopping up her fabric scraps to make doll clothes, playing dress up with her college dance dresses, or making elaborate dioramas with her shoe boxes.

So thanks, Mom, for your love, your patience, and for teaching me so much about how to make my world a more beautiful and interesting place! I still save all my fabric scraps, all neatly bundled like yours. And it won’t be long now before I’m making doll clothes for my granddaughter. My, how we’ve grown!

2 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Jill says:

    Happy Mothers’s Day to you – such a wonderful picture!