Thinking inside the box, coloring inside the lines

Just this week I put two and three together and realized I really like thinking inside the box. When it comes to design I’m attracted to squares. And things in grids. Especially if they have lots of colors.

You can find boxy grids all through the house, starting just inside the front door. I comb-painted the foyer floor in raspberry and white squares a long time ago.


I’ve got granny square afghans galore in the living room in the winter–one for everyone, and then some. Lots of chenille-dotted pillows, too.

Two of my hooked wool rugs are designed on squares.


Dining room rug (with jadeite green!) on the left, sewing room rug on the right.

I was blessed to inherit the cathedral window quilt sewn by my grandmother. It’s in the guest room. And I was secretly happy when this old checkerboard didn’t sell at the Vintage Bazaar because I wanted to keep it!


I didn’t plan it this way, but the rug echoes the same squared circle shapes of the quilt.

You’ll walk right over an old hooked rug in the hall. I was thrilled when I found it at Pettengill Farm last year. Open the coat closet and you’ll find a heaping assortment of plaid vintage scarves.


I’ve got a scarf for every day of the week month with scarcely a repeat!

All this boxy wonderfulness is probably why I’m enjoying Instagram. It’s easy (and fun!) to create an endlessly growing patchwork of square photos.


I think of them as tiny blog posts about things that make my eyes smile; a “happy place” I can visit any time I want.


You can visit my little photos, too, even if you don’t use Instagram. You can see the whole feed just by clicking on the photo in the right side column. Please come on over!


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3 Comments on “Thinking inside the box, coloring inside the lines”

  1. machinegunmama says:

    Are all the pics of your stuff? What an amazing and beautiful collection! My obsession is stripes, so I can relate 😉

    • janeray says:

      Hello! Yes, nearly all of the photos are my stuff. The fabulous tile floor isn’t but I wish it were mine! The Luray pastel dishes are my sister’s collection. And I think there’s a painting I liked but didn’t buy. I love striped wallpaper!

  2. I too am enjoying Instagram and all those little mini “blog” posts. Those little squares of eye candy! Great photos!