We shopped the flea and didn’t spend a dime

It’s a holiday weekend and ManRay wanted to get out of our usual rut. So we hopped on the subway and went downtown to the newish Franklin Flea. It’s held on Saturdays in the old Strawbridge and Clothier building, a former department store.

If I’d felt like spending $150 I would have bought this fantastic vintage kimono. Oh, what colors!


Alas, I was too cheap to buy this gorgeous silk kimono. I’ll just have to love the photo.

I really liked this pair of huge lamps. Well over four feet high, they sure make a statement. I didn’t ask the price.


Aren’t these stunning? I almost wish I had a place to use them. I don’t even care that the fabrics don’t match.

Then there was this faux Picasso that ManRay thought was amusing.


Grumpy Man with Accordion? He’s squished in the bottom of the canvas. I would have been tempted to buy it if the background didn’t seem all wrong.

One vendor had lots of vintage doilies and crocheted pieces that had been dyed light shades of gray or sage green. It was hard to tell the exact colors because the lighting in the building was so dim.


Vintage crocheted tablecloth updated with gray dye. Not sure if I like this look or not.


More gray linens. Trendy or sad?

The most popular booth was swarmed with shoppers looking at vintage school wall maps, anatomical illustrations, taxidermy and vintage clothing, to list just a few categories. I was intrigued by the finish on their bookcase. ManRay said it looked as though it was done with crayon.


Interesting paint job. I’ve got a small shelf that might look good done like this. Two sloppy coats of paint and sanding. Just might try it!

And that was it! There were maybe two dozen vendors so not a lot to see. All I got was a sunburn from walking to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch. Better luck tomorrow!

4 Comments on “We shopped the flea and didn’t spend a dime”

  1. Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage says:

    Those gray linens and doilies are ug-leee! They just look dingy and dirty. I’ve seen a local booth where the lady dyes doilies and white chenille tablecloths in pretty pastels and then sews pillows out of them. Those are cute. Those gray things? They’re just sad.

  2. luray says:

    Ah, linens that are Morticia Adams-approved! Yep, they’re hideous. Probably the makers were going for a neutral hipster look, something that would look great in a cool-neutral Martha Stewart room. Stiill, ugh. I’ll stick with white, thankyouverymuch.

    • janeray says:

      The crochet is kinda appealing to me in gray. I can see it with marble and stone colors (not my style). But the plain linens are sad, sad, sad.