Cutter tablecloths get a second chance

99.99% of the time I couldn’t cut up a vintage tablecloth for a sewing project. But sometimes they just can’t be saved. Holes the size of an egg right in the middle of an otherwise wonderful tablecloth released me from all guilt in turning this one into a small curtain for my front door.


I sewed this so long ago that the yellow flowers have almost completely faded from exposure to the morning sun. I probably ought to replace it.

The other half of the same tablecloth ended up as a small valance over my kitchen sink window.


The colors remain intact here where the light never comes in directly.

Here’s a view from a few steps back.


I love the extra color. The window would be bland without it.

The second kitchen window has a valance made from a completely different tablecloth.


The colors on this one were faded when I bought it. A previous owner had used enough bleach to make a hole in it. Use Biz, please!

So there you have it! The only projects I’ve ever made with cutter tablecloths in all my decades of collecting.


The side window in the kitchen

I have more cutter tablecloths but can’t decide what to make with them. Decisions! Decisions! What have you made with them?