A woman’s work is never started

The thrifting universe is a strange place. Yes, I found another little vintage shower gift outfit.


Pink and white for all your dainty chores!

It has a not-so-subtle command suggestion about housework:


All caps? We call that SHOUTING.

“Then you are ready your work to begin.” (From Yoda this came?)

Evidently, the delighted recipient thought something like, “Oh, yeah? That’s what YOU think!” or “Heck, no!” because they never did pull off the buttons or take “our” the pins and get cracking.

I can totally relate.

They had way more interesting things to do than cleaning. And they didn’t even have the internet as an excuse.

I can’t find a reference to this poem or shirt anywhere on Google. Maybe it’s one of a kind. (Hope, one can.)

Or maybe no one wants to own up to being this extraordinarily cheap. It’s a bit like giving someone three paper towels, even after the fiddly-ness of sewing on buttons. (Sorry, Handi Wipes corporate people!)

I am delighted to add it to my collection, but this shower present won’t end up on Pinterest, I’m sure.

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