Have you tried the Vintage Hankie Diet?

Some people claim to have tried every diet ever devised. Atkins. South Beach. Low carb. Low fat. Paleo. You name it.

But I bet they’ve never tried the Vintage Hankie Diet. It’s a strict regime with only 60 items on the menu.

vintage calorie counter hankie

Your ultimate guide to a 1950’s diet. Pop this vintage handkerchief in your pocket. No need to memorize pesky calorie counts!

Of course, you’ll survive just fine because eight of them are alcoholic.

Fancy a beer? Sherry? Cognac? It’s got you covered.

calories for alcohol graphics

Hit the bottle! All of them!

You won’t feel a bit deprived. It’s got all five food groups: veggies & fruit, dairy, grains, champagne and caviar. It’s a recipe for a party.

lobster and lemon vintage hankie graphics

A chocolate bar and lobster? Now that’s my kind of luncheon.

Maybe this hankie was supposed to be a take-along reminder to watch your waist at social events. As if your girdle wouldn’t be enough of a reminder.

toast pie and pate vintage hankie graphics

What IS that thing for 10-100 calories? Hot fudge? Hershey’s kisses? A chestnut? I’m mystified.

You’re even allowed to have chocolate. Just don’t go overboard and eat the entire box.

Danger! Bonbons! vintage hankie graphics

Danger! Danger! How many calories is that?

You could make some truly strange combinations on this diet plan. Pate and pie? Spaghetti and sauterne? Pineapple and sardines?

Thanks, anyway! I think I’ll pass on the Vintage Hankie Diet.

Do you know what that brown blobby thing is in the fourth photo? Please let me know!

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8 Comments on “Have you tried the Vintage Hankie Diet?”

  1. Blobby thing…hhhhmmm. I think I have the same hankie diet here, but haven’t tried it on my end.

  2. luray says:

    “…because eight of them are alcoholic.” LOL!
    Let’s compare: Toast, 100 calories. Champagne, 90 calories. Clearly, you’re better off tossing the toast and drinking the champagne!

  3. luray says:

    And what IS that unnamed red . . . thing. . . with the claws? Presumably it’s a lobster, but darned if it doesn’t look like a scorpion.