You meet the greatest people at the Vintage Bazaar

We had our best weekend EVER at the Vintage Bazaar. We sold loads of vintage goodness, but my favorite part of the weekend is meeting so many fun and wonderful people. This year I got brave and asked some of them if I could take their pictures.

lady with Frida Kahlo flowers

Rocking a fabulous outfit and Frida Kahlo floral head band.

She said I could take her photo only if her dog got in on the action. Why, certainly!

Our next door neighbor at the Bazaar sells vintage clothes–and wears them, too! I thought she looked terrific sitting on the glider she sold.

This dress said "summer" all over but it wasn't as bright as her smile.

This dress said “summer” all over but it wasn’t as bright as her smile.

Uncle Sam showed up twirling a cane and grinning from ear to ear. Isn’t he dapper?

The Star of the Vintage Bazaar

He said his daughter told him to dress up for the day. I loved his patriotic tie and boater hat.

Devon Allen’s mom REALLY got into the swing of things with our vintage baton. Lots of others had tried twirling it, but she nailed it. And bought it! Yay! (Devon is the organizer of The Vintage Bazaar.)

This fierce little guy obviously had fun at the face painting station. He came back several times to buy Matchbox cars. (We still have an overflowing bin of them.)

boy with tiger face paint

Rrrrrowl! Watch out for this guy and his ninja balloon weapons!

We looked through the linens of our fellow vendor, The Linens Lady, but didn’t have time to go back and shop. I’m still thinking about the fabulous tablecloth I left behind…

We also loved meeting Jimmie Bucci, the President of the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club. He bought our one remaining good tablecloth. (Should’ve come earlier while the pickings were still good!)

One of the best hats EVER was worn by this fellow vendor.

lady in a wonderful hat

I loved her sparkly hat!

There were so many more people and lots and lots of amazing vintage treasures, but we really didn’t have time to walk around and snap photos at leisure. And that was a good thing–because we were too busy selling our stuff.

ManRay and I need to jump in up our car and get going back to Pennsylvania, so the rest of my photos will have to wait until another time. Stay tuned!

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2 Comments on “You meet the greatest people at the Vintage Bazaar”

  1. Nothing better than people watching! Love your neighbor vendor that matched her groovy glider!

    • janeray says:

      So many shoppers had fantastic outfits, lots of them vintage. Retro hair and makeup, too. It’s a fun weekend seeing what people are brave enough to wear!