Color, color everywhere at The Vintage Bazaar

The Vintage Bazaar is not the best shopping experience for play-it-safe-with-beige people. (On second thought, maybe I just ignored all the safe, neutral stuff!) It’s chock full of fun and colorful treasures. I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping, but I did grab a few snapshots.

First, the furniture…

My dining room chairs are this exact style, but I never thought of doing this with them. Adding slatted seats has got to be easier than messing with new upholstery.

green chair bench

Green Siamese dining room chairs forever joined at the seat. And what a cool Tom Thumb typewriter!

My poor little row house patio isn’t big enough for furniture or I would have been so tempted to bring these home. I loved the purple and green print on the cushions and all the coordinating accessories.

vintage floral porch furniture

Oh to have a porch to put these on! And that purple afghan makes it perfect.

Not a fan of purple and green? You could have taken home yellow and orange.

mod yellow patio furniture

The Mod Squad would feel right at home.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this green metal glider except to add some comfy new cushions. How about bark cloth? Repurposed chenille bedspreads? Old camp blankets? All three to rotate for different seasons?

rusted green glider

That plaid suitcase in the shopper’s basket came from our booth! Ha!

Two things I loved but didn’t buy: the Hudson Bay striped blanket and the bright green metal chair.

hudson bay blanket on vintage porch chair

Grab a mallet, Tweety! Watch out for that puddy tat!

I have two vintage china cabinets similar to these. Mine are a tame, creamy white. Should I go color crazy and repaint them? Would you?

orange painted vintage china cabinet

1920s cabinet meets new millennium paint job. Not for the faint of heart. It made a super eye catching display piece.

This buffet cabinet made me think of the circus or a carnival fun house. I really, really wanted the red sewing machine.

laughing lady display mannequin

Can’t decide if this laughing lady is fun or kinda creepy. Love the tropical colors, though!

I think this table was in Cari Cucksey’s booth, but I could be wrong about that.

fanciful painted tabletop

This design reminds me of crayon sketching. Love how the colors just pop against the dark wood, especially the sunny yellow creamer and sugar.

Smaller things caught my eye, too. Like this set of Homer Laughlin Harlequin dishes. In all my years of shopping I’ve never seen more than a handful of pieces, much less a complete set.

full set of harlequin dishes

A perfect service for eight. So pretty!

Tea for two and fancy schmancy sandwiches would be on the menu if I had this picnic suitcase.

vintage picnic suitcase

Oh, those jadeite plastic plates! My picnic suitcase needs them!

Dress or apron? Either way this piece is wonderful. Don’t you just love the heart applique pockets?

white and red vintage housedress

Nothing I wear around the house is half this pretty. Jeans shrivel in comparison.

The oddity prize for the weekend would have to go to this small arrangement.

big candy corn and bathing beauty statue

A bathing beauty bottle on a skateboard with a huge candy corn? Certainly got me to look!

Then there was a nod to the lobster traps dotting the coastline near Salisbury.

rusty barn treasures and old sign

I can just hear the American Pickers guys making a bundle deal over this pile of barn treasures.

And last, but certainly not least, I spied this little guy from a galaxy far, far away.

R2D2 droid

Not the droid you were looking for?

I didn’t even have time to look at the entire field of craft booths. Maybe in September!

Hope you had a fun vintage treasure shopping weekend wherever you are!

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