When the collector is ready the app will appear

If you’re a collector, the day will inevitably come when you admit your accumulating has gotten out of hand. You’ll open a drawer or a box and find stuff you totally forgot you owned. Or you won’t remember if you kept that tropical moose souvenir from Florida or gave it away.

moose and coconut tree souvenir napkin holder

I didn’t know that moose migrated to places with coconuts. Or maybe it’s the tree that’s been transplanted in Maine. Either way, this is the most awesome souvenir napkin holder. Ever.

Consider this a friendly intervention.

You need snupps, a new free app. It has a silly name that makes me think of a beagle with a snuffly nose, but it will help you organize just about anything in the easiest way possible.

Snupps app screenshot

My shelfies! Now THIS is the way to store and remember stuff. Or remember what you’ve stored. Or both!

It’s madly simple to use. All you have to do is snap a photo (doesn’t matter how crummy! this isn’t etsy!) and add a description. You can include as much or as little detail as you like: where you bought it, how much you paid, how much it’s worth now, the manufacturer, and lots more.

You can create categories (shelves) to suit whatever it is you’re sorting. And when you’re done, your entire collection of thingamabobs will be right at your fingertips. Literally.

It’s the Dish Sisters inventory tool I’ve always been wanting. Now I can see exactly how many tablecloths, Pyrex pieces, dishes, Japanese scarves and weird vintage objects I have tucked into totes, waiting for the next Vintage Bazaar. Yay!

I have no affiliation with snupps, I just really, really like it. Check it out!

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